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NEWSText: Satsuki Miyanishi


The international art exhibition, the 57th Venice Biennale will be open to the public from May 13th to November 26th this year. The 86 countries will showcase their exhibits this year with its theme, “VIVA ARTE VIVA”. Christine Macel, who is a chief curator of Centre Pompidou was selected as a Director of this event.

The Japanese pavilion which was curated by Meruro Washida of the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, will show the exhibition of the “Turned Upside Down, It’s a Forest”, by Takahiro Iwasaki. He is an artist from Hiroshima known for his popular art work, “Reflection Model” which produces a beautiful reflection on the surface of the water using wooden architecture. The situation of contemporary Japan is presented from various viewpoints, such as the ideal way of energy, the borders of the sea and the swaying earth using various motifs such as: a tower, a crane, an industrial area along the sea, an oil rig on the sea, and the Itsukushima shrine.

The 57th La Biennale di Venezia (Venice Biennale)
Date: May 13th – November 26th, 2017
Place: In Venezia

Text: Satsuki Miyanishi

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