NEWSText: Satsuki Miyanishi


The first exhibition of works by the general public Gifu Land of Clear Waters Art Festival, Art Award IN THE CUBE 2017 will be held at The Museum of Fine Arts, Gifu, from April 15th to June 11th. This exhibition aims to be a triennial event which is a source of new arts, as a droplet will grow into a stream, and ultimately form an ocean.

In 4.8 x 4.8 x 3.6 meter cuboid spaces look like “limitless microcosm” set in the museum, artworks by the general public will be installed. In this first exhibition, on the theme of “Whereabouts of the Body” in contemporary art which is constantly become complicated and diversified because of the evolution of technology, etc. It has accepted submissions regardless of methods, materials and techniques from home and abroad.

Made by 7 juries, O JUN, Ohi Chozaemon Ⅺ (Toshio), Genichiro Takahashi, Min Tanaka, Kodai Nakahara, Masahiro Miwa and Kiyokazu Washida, 15 art works that convey contemporary energy were selected from a total of 790 submissions. With the aim to discover and foster imaginative young talent, this exhibition will be held once every three years.

Winners of the prize: Masaharu Sato, Toyohisa Shibayama, Mari Tanimoto, Megu Nakamura, Mami Hirano, Sunao Horikawa, Kazuko Matsumoto, Ai Mieda, Yoko Miki
, Sho Minase, Ealess Mouth / Mouse, Takahiro Miyahara, mirukusouko + The Coconuts, Sadahito Mori, Taro Yasuno

Gifu Land of Clear Waters Art Festival, Art Award IN THE CUBE 2017
Theme: Whereabouts of the Body
Date: April 15th – June 11th, 2017
Open: 10:00 – 18:00 (open until 20:00 on third Friday of month, no admission before 30 minutes of closing time)
Closed on Monday
Place: The Museum of Fine Arts, Gifu
Address: 4-1-22 Usa, Gifu City, Gifu
Admission free
Tel: +81 (0)58 271 1313 (Gifu Culture Promotion Division Cultural Planning Division)

Text: Satsuki Miyanishi

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