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HAPPENINGText: Toru Wada

The city of Basel has the largest number of museums in Switzerland and is where Art Basel is held around June every year. During the week of this event the normally local ambience Basel becomes international. English is spoken everywhere and it is full of life with stylish people in dresses and suits who are engaged in art. The architect unit Herzog & de Meuron, who are from Basel, renovated the venue. A huge roof covers the building and it has a characteristic round entrance hall.

Art Basel Outside1 ク MCH Group
Art Basel Outside © MCH Group

Art Basel takes place in two main areas: “Unlimited” and “Gallery”. About 70 artworks have been selected from several thousands of applications and they are exhibited in the “Unlimited” area. In the “Gallery”, over 300 art gallery booths are accommodated. All the artworks at these venues are for sale so collectors from around the world come here to find contemporary artworks.

Art Basel Gallery2 ク Art Basel
Art Basel Gallery © Art Basel

In addition to these exhibitions, Art Basel offers different opportunities, which allows visitors not only to appreciate art on-site but also experience it using the five senses. For example, panel discussions by artists are held during “Art Conversations”, while “Art Parcours” proposes visitors to explore the city and see installations located everywhere. “Art Kids” is a family-friendly facility with a playground where parents can leave their kids.

Art Basel Parcour ク Art Basel
Art Basel Parcour © Art Basel

During Art Basel, several Art & Design fairs are held in the city. The atmosphere of the whole city becomes festive and visitors can enjoy the event from different perspectives. It is highly recommended to visit these fairs if time allows.

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