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NEWSText: Aya Shomura


LOST2, Carolin Loebbert, 85 x 60 cm, Acrylic color, acrylic spray, inc, pencil, collage on bristol cardboard

This time, Gas As Interface presents Carolin Loebbert’s solo exhibition “LOST” at CALM & PUNK GALLERY in Nishi-Asabu, who are based in Germany from August 9th to 28th, 2014.

In her first-in Japan solo exhibition “Time Travel” in 2012, she drew illustrations on porcelains mixed some motifs of great people of the past. For this exhibition, she hides various scenes following the first one.

As a key point to the word “Environment,” she lets her work travel through time. Her work crosses the axis of the past, present and the future. She expressed the feeling of “LOST” through her work. She melts with nature or in a big city.She allows her to go back to her childhood in a more realistic way.

In her past works, she had produced pop and cute, but spicy illustrations. She challenges to express real human beings who lost in the environment in her new way. Besides the “LOST” series, we would like to introduce solid pieces of artworks and movie. You will be able to see these in the fading flowers in her vases.

Carolin Loebbert “LOST”
Date: August 9th – 28th, 2014
Open: 12:00 – 19:00
Address: Asai building, 1-15-15 Nishiazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Admission Free
Tel: +81 (0)3 5775 0825

Text: Aya Shomura

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