NEWSText: julie morikawa

The Indonesian Contemporary Artist, I Gusti Ngurah Buda’s solo exhibition will be held at the Sin Sin Fine Art from June 15th – July 15th.

His abstract paintings juxtapose urban and ritual life. The geometric shapes in his work represent buildings, windows and doors, which overlap more fluid elements, which represent nature. Like most Balinese, he is Hindu and his paintings depict peace and other Hindu sensibilities for nature. Buda’s recurrent use of the concrete building imagery reflects his sense and fear of the Earth being overpowered by urbanization, where buildings are replacing greenery and traditions are overcome by modernization and shallow modernist philosophy.

I Gusti Ngurah Buda Solo Exhibition
Date: June 15th – July 15th, 2011
Open: 10:30-19:30 / Sunday 14:00-19:00 (Closed on Public Holidays)
Place: Sin Sin Fine Art
Address: G/F, 1 Prince’s Terrace, Mid-Levels, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2858 5072

Text: julie morikawa