HAPPENINGText: Alma Reyes

Entering the exhibition hall instantly erupts that excitement of boarding a plane or train as your journey begins. A huge panel of Skyline by Jeffrey Czum reveals colorful buildings fronting the harbor in Willemstad, Curaçao, Venezuela against a muted blue sky. Czum is one of the multitude of contributors introduced in the Welcome Adventurers section, designed in dark green, that opens the dynamic world of Anderson-ish cinematography.

Húsavik Light, Húsavik, Iceland © Matthijs Van Mierlo (@matthijsvmierlo)

The section Open Your Album, immersed in pastel pink walls and arches, takes the viewers to nostalgic locations for rest and relaxation, such as the oceans or open landscapes. Hot Air Balloon by Marie Valencia, in wonderful yellow, rust and brown against the purple sky, depicts the New Zealand’s Balloons Over Waikato festival held every year. Using the similar effect of an illuminous color against the flat pale clouds and mountain view, Húsavik Light in Iceland by Matthijs Van Mierlo opens our imagination to Iceland’s winter skies.

Vickers Viscount, London, UK © Paul Fuentes (@paulfuentes_photo)

Mind the Gap in stunning yellow is an exhilarating installation that turns the viewer into a passenger on board an airplane, train, bus, motorbike, and other means of transportation. A moving video clip of snow-covered mountain peaks seen from a window, is inspired by Anderson’s film The Darjeeling Express (2007). Vickers Viscount by Paul Fuentes is a popular AWA photograph of a turboprop airliner designed by Sir George Edwards that was first flown in 1948 by Vickers-Armstrongs, a British engineering conglomerate.

Left: Shinkansen, Tokyo, Japan © AWA (@accidentallywesanderson); Right: Japan Railways, Tokyo, Japan © AWA (@accidentallywesanderson) Photo: Alma Reyes

The child-like pastel blues and greens are absolutely lovely. From Japan, Shinkansen and Japan Railways, both by AWA, are excellent angles of uniformed Japanese train conductors looking out the trains in blue, blue-green and fuchsia.

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