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PEOPLEText: Victor Moreno

In 1991, while being an apprentice and worked at a Jim Thompson’s branch an opportunity of continue her post graduate occurred. She applied for a teaching job and received a scholarship to continue her education abroad at Bangkok University in the School Of Fine And Applied Arts. After applying to several universities worldwide she attended the Computer Graphics Design program at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) in New York for her MFA.

I am Bravier Than Vanishing, from Pin Cushion Series, 2019, 11.5 x 17 x 20 cm, Secondhand plastic lamp shade, military miniatures, doll part, acrylic knitting yarn, 12 silk pins © Ball Piyaluk

As an artist and for the love of humanity, together with artist Toi Nopchai Ungkavatanapong, they co-founded “Consciousness towards society” AKA Nuts Society which is an artistic collective since 1998. For the love of learning and teaching, she has published some visual communication work, including the book “Packaging with Graphic Design”, among other papers and texts such as “Advertising: The Myth That Invites to Decode” and “Criticism of the Visual Arts: Academic’s Thoughts”. Eventually, she continued her PhD at Silpakorn University in 2016.

Only Love Can Make Him Wag His Tail, from Loved and Gone Series, 2020, 5.5 x 17 x 9 cm, Wooden hair brush, toy dog, doll accessories © Ball Piyaluk

Since her works about Design Art increased consistently. She was invited abroad as a lecturer at different well-regarded Universities, becoming a visual voice for empowering women within the Design Arts in Asia. A good example of this is her article “Guerrilla Girls : The wonder women of the art world” published in Vibhasa journal.

In her remembrance, SHIFT grants her with the SHIFT Award at Unknown Asia 2021.

Text: Victor Moreno

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