HAPPENINGText: Taketo Oguchi

Yusuke Itoh

Yusuke Itoh, an illustrator living in Kobe, has been good at pop illustrations with cartoon roots. However, recently announced work that has shifted to flat illustration production that makes heavy use of gradation. The portraits were also eye-catching, but the still lifes and landscapes that depict everyday things show more of his art sense.

Aretokore Coko

Aretokore Coko also exhibited last year. The material used for three-dimensional works with animal motifs is the reuse of aluminum lids called wine cap seals, which are usually thrown away as garbage. The part was also appreciated by companies and many reviewers for the perspective of upcycling and sustainability.

Daichi Nakatani

Daichi Nakatani, who lives in Osaka, is an architect while also working as a painter. At first glance, his work with oil pastels looks like a child’s graffiti. This came from a free nonsense line drawing which was a reaction to the “neat line” of architectural design. Along with the expression of the variety of overlapping colors and shapes represented by “meaningless lines,” it presents new value.

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