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HAPPENINGText: Taketo Oguchi

Takuma Aomatsu

Takuma Aomatsu, who was born in Osaka and currently lives in Tokyo, was exhibiting for the second time following 2019. Using oil pastels and acrylic markers, he draws colorful portraits with the motif of an impressive person seen in the city. Even though it is a figure painting, the expression method is very unique, such as a mixture of creatures like animals. It wasn’t exhibited this time, but it would be interesting to see an animation work that is his main field.

Manami Niihara

Manami Niihara from Oita prefecture draws anthropomorphic flowers that fuse human emotions on canvas with acrylic paint. This is the second time her exhibiting at this show following last year. She creates her work with the idea of posting onto a secret account on social media, where people post things that they can’t/don’t say, by anthropomorphizing flowers that cannot express their feelings.

Baku Maeda

In recent years, Baku Maeda, who lives in Sapporo and is also engaged in activities such as ribbon art and RIBBONESIA, has been creating works based on illustrations with various approaches in both two-dimensional and three-dimensional. This time, he presented small works created by collage of abstracted person motifs, stamps and office stamps on a wooden panel curved according to the illustration.

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