HAPPENINGText: Victor Moreno

Tour of Poland Cycling Crash, Tomasz Markowski – 2021 Photo Contest, Sports, Singles, 3rd Prize

This picture is all about the timing as you can’t help but anticipate what will happen next and that everything will go terribly wrong. There is almost a sense of slapstick. Dutch cyclist Dylan Gronewegen (left) crashes meters before the finish line after colliding with fellow countryman Fabio Jakobsen at about 80 km/h during the first stage of the Tour of Poland.

Minneapolis Unrest: The George Floyd Aftermath, John Minchillo – 2021 Photo Contest, Spot News, Stories, 3rd Prize

One of the most significant and consequential events in 2020 was the death of George Floyd, a 46-year-old Black man who died at the hands of the Minneapolis police in Minnesota, USA. A bystander video of police officer Derek Chauvin kneeling on Floyd’s neck for more than eight minutes went viral, setting off mostly peaceful protests first in Minneapolis and then across the country: a nationwide call for racial justice not seen since the civil rights protest in the 1960s. Protests in support of the Black Live Matters movement spread to more than 2,000 cities over 60 countries around the world.

Reborn, Karolina Jonderko – 2021 Photo Contest, Long-Term Projects, Stories, 2nd Prize

Reborn. The first reaction to these images might be a sense of creepiness but then there is also another feeling of sympathy that some people find comfort by using these replica babies. It is more about the storytelling of the people who need them. “Reborn” babies first appeared in the 1990s. The hyper-realistic silicon-made dolls are created with such details as birthmarks, veins, tears, and saliva, and more sophisticated reborns are equipped with electronic systems capable of simulating heartbeat, breathing and sucking. Human hair is used for eyelashes and some dolls are perfumed with “new baby” smell.

World Press Photo 2021 Bari
Date: October 14th – November 14th, 2021
Place: Museo Teatro Margherita
Address: Piazza IV Novembre, Bari, Italy
Tel: +39 351 145 9819

Text: Victor Moreno
Photos: Courtesy of World Press Photo © the artists

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