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PEOPLEText: Ayumi Yakura

Why did you choose the title “Composite” for your first EP? The artwork of the album cover is also impressive.

The theme of this EP was “my past and future” so different kinds of elements are mixed. That’s why I chose the title “Composite”.

MATZ “Composite” Design by IPPI, Photo by Ena Yanai

The lake on the cover is Lake Shikotsu, which is in Hokkaido where I’m from. It relates to the contents of the EP. I think the color attracts people’s attention and represents me really well, too. The music sounds even better because of the artwork.

The first vocal song “I See You” has been released as pre-sales on iTunes. Did you have any particular requests for Ruby Prophet as a producer?

I was a big fan of her voice so I didn’t ask for her anything special. I just trusted her. She was awesome and her voice made my track sound way better.

MATZ “Composite” / Apple Music

You covered “I Believe” by T.O.K. for this EP. What do you think about the similarities and differences between your version and the original?

I was interested to see what it’d be like if I recreated the message, also the beauty of the track itself.

How do you want the audience to experience your music and live performances?

Since I’m making “dance music”, my main goal is to get the audience dancing. But someday I would like to try live performances that will expresses emotions and scenes. Eventually making the audiences feel like they watched a film.

Text: Ayumi Yakura
Translation: Shoko Atsuchi

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