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Homework is a design studio based in Denmark, Scandinavia. Founder and creative director Jack Dahl has worked with several renowned firms including Self Service magazine and the creative strategic Paris agency, Petronio Associates, on a selection of the world’s most prestigious fashion, beauty and luxury brands. Their areas of expertise include creative consultancy, art direction and graphic design with the believe in simplifying in order for the essential to shine. Jack Dahl talks to us about their recent work, his relationship with typography, as well as his pet dog.


Please introduce homework?

Homework is a graphic design studio and creative consultancy focusing on leading international brands within the arts, fashion, lifestyle and publishing. Homework creates advertising, visual identity, packaging as well as art direction and overall creative brand communication.
Homework is balancing art, design and commerce, pushing forward to achieve that little extra, or when nessesary simplifying so that the essential can shine. Homework creates objects of desire.

HE magazine

Established in 2002 by Jack Dahl, Homework was responsible for kick-starting a visual presence and direction for international men’s fashion magazine HE and Cover magazine. Among others Jack Dahl has worked with Self Service magazine and the strategic and creative Paris agency Work in Progress on a selection of the World’s leading fashion and beauty references including Prada, Pucci, Chloe, Celine, Colette and Jil Sander.

Cover magazine

Please tell us about your latest activities.

These days we are working on on visual parts of Lady Gaga’s new signature perfume launch … but my hands are tight, so I can’t say much more.. Exciting it it though.

LOVE YOUR WEEK by Lui’s x homework logo

We love Japan, so try to do as much work out there as well. Latest we worked with Lui’s on a typographic concept called LOVE YOUR WEEK.

Aya Takano Book for Galerie Perrotin (Paris/Miami)

Also working on visual identities and the re-establishment of two larger Scandinavian fashion brands. And working at a artist monograph for Mr. and Aya Takano for Galerie Perrotin in Paris/Miami.

What were you absorbed in when being a teenager?

I was always interested in ‘staging’ things. This has been a topic of nearly everything I have been working with – also long before I was sure that graphic design was the right way for me.
My first creative experience of digital technology, I had on my father’s Apple laptop in the early 90’s. I have always had an intense passion for typography, and in Microsoft Word, since this was one of the only programs I knew of at that time, I got some of my first great experiences of the impact of digital on typefaces and typography. Illustrator, Photoshop, QuarkXPress, InDesign etc., was soon to be discovered. Not long time ago, I would spend days researching new and old typefaces. I could not stop, it became almost obsessive.

Fischer Spooner Loves Colette Logo

Copenhagen where you’re living in, has it influenced to your art practice?

Homework is these days situated in Copenhagen, more exact in an area of city called Frederiksstaden 1st floor in a backyard. Also the home of the Royal family, and the location of some of the most famous sight here. Both a beautiful park, and the wonderful sea. Frederiksstaden is no grown district with little alleys. It was planned and arranged during the middle of the 18th century according to French plans. The Royal character of Frederiksstaden is underlined by fancy shops, noble galleries, and antique souvenirs and furniture stores. And Sundays are absolutely quiet almost ghost-like in Homework’s street. I love my ‘hood , it’s feels like living in both Paris, Moscow, London and Rome at the same time. For same reason I wouldn’t say that the location has a huge impact on my work, since I find same inspirations being in other cities… All though a pivotal point in my career, was staying some time in New York and Paris years ago. These two cities showed me a world that combined fashion and graphics among other things… These experiences has been great influences for me and my work.

Le Ciel Bleu Bag

Have you got field or media which you would like to explore your art practice in the future?


Please let us know 5 musicians (bands, djs and etc.) who you like lately.

5 random stops on Homework’s office spotify playlist: Fritz Kalkbrenner, Casey Spooner, Vinnie Who, Metronomy, The Assembly

Please tell us if you have got favorite places to go in your holiday.

Deia, Mallorca, Spain. (at least this season)

What is the funniest moment that made you laugh in the last 7 days?

MY DOG! Jackson – every day!

Text: Gas As Interface Co., Ltd

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