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PLACEText: Subaru Matsukura

A crossroad of art & culture that present Kyoto’s now.

Hotel Anteroom Kyoto

On April 28, 2011, in between Kujo and Jujo at the south side of Kyoto Station, a 23 year-old student dormitory was renovated and reopened as a hotel and apartment, “Hotel Anteroom Kyoto”.

Hotel Anteroom Kyoto

The concept of the hotel is the place where art and culture that represent the present Kyoto gather. The space unites the people around the world visiting Kyoto and the people live in the apartment.

Hotel Anteroom Kyoto

The hotel provides the guests with the comforts of gathering of friends, while also functioning as an anteroom where they can prepare themselves for a trip into Kyoto’s city center. The apartments provide a living space in which residents can enjoy an exciting lifestyle with like-minded individuals. It is a new style of space without too much elaboration and is a mixture of both ordinary and extraordinary. The guests and the residents can feel the lifestyle and the culture of the city that are always changing.

Hotel Anteroom Kyoto

The public space, which consists of a lounge, a library, a gallery, and a restaurant all lining up from the entrance, gathers cultures such as art, music, and design to be sent out. It also provides the guests with a space to communicate with each other. Various events are planned here, connecting things around the world with Kyoto itself, mixing them together, and creating something new.

Hotel Anteroom Kyoto

You will meet exciting lifestyles through the events relating to art and music as well as the daily communication with the travelers visiting the hotel.

Hotel Anteroom Kyoto
Address: 7 Aketa-cho, Higashi 9 Jyom Minami-ku, Kyoto
Access: 12 minute walk from JR Kyoto Station. 5 minute walk from Kujo Station, Subway Karasuma Line.
Hotel: 61 guest rooms, a restaurant, a gallery, a lounge
Apartment: 50 rooms, communal kitchens
Tel: 075-681-5656

Text: Subaru Matsukura
Translation: Kazuyuki Yoshimura

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