HAPPENINGText: Filip De Haes

Untitled, 2009 by Peter Greenaway

These three last artworks are part of the temporary exhibition: Artificial Nature. Other works like Martin uit den Bogaard’s ‘Painting, singing and lighting inkfish’, which means a rotting octopus under a glass box, connected with a computer, were a bit strange… But what they did proove is the transcience in art…

The Golden Spur, 2006-2009 by Koen Vanmechelen

Leaving the hallways and greenhouse, the exhibition continues outside. Koen Van Mechelen houses a bunch of his chickens in the garden. Koen aims to breed the universal super bastard among all chickens.

Overall a surprising museum at an unusual location for the contemporary art lover with a twist.

Artificial Nature exhibition
Date: May 23rd – November 15th 2009
Place: Verbeke Foundation
Address: Westakker, 9190 Kemzeke, Belgium

Text: Filip De Haes
Photos: Filip De Haes

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