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So tell me more about

There are more than two hundreds registered members so far. Members come from all walks of life. You may find housewife who can turn old sheet into a brand new sofa cover. You may find group of women who turn used cooking oil into soap bar. You may find designer who uses scraped fabric to make characterized stuff dolls. is also a popular market place for those who want to exchange used furniture. There are numerous numbers of successful cases which beautiful used furniture finds its new owner in

Could you tell us about the sustainable concept behind your collection?

The entire design concept behind the whole thing is the three big Rs; Recycle, Reuse and Reduce.

As mentioned, 90% of the materials used in my furniture are found in dumpsite. I sometimes incorporate old furniture parts or other industrial objects into my designs. More importantly, the way this organic form furniture is made is much more effective than those made in mass produced industrial factory. In my over ten years experience of working in various position in furniture production industry, I can tell when a tree is fallen only 45% to 50% of the wood materials are actually made into industrial acceptable grade timber. Where do the rest go? Some of them will go to fiber baseboard production such as MDF, Chipboard, etc. Many of them including the tree crown, sapwood and the tree bark are wasted. Also consider the large amount of waste created in the milling process in every piece of furniture made in a factory.

The One-Of-A-Kind series maneuver to avoid unnecessary milling. I just take the natural beautiful form of a tree trunk and twig and effortlessly compose these natural forms into a functional context. And I used mostly the branches and twigs which usually come from seasonal tree pruning.

I have to admit, I’m no pioneer of this type of marrying natural to mankind. Great master furniture maker/architect Mr. George Nakashima is the one inspires a lots of woodworkers including me.

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