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United Visual Artists (UVA) is an artists’ organisation with diverse experiences and techniques. As their name suggests, United Visual Artists work in various media such as installations, music videos and lighting designs. Their works of art always grab people’s attention and intrigue the audience. Are there messages behind their works? Is this a unity of science and art that stimulates our senses? We had an opportunity to ask them these various questions.

United Visual Artists (UVA)
“Arctic Monkeys” Brianstorm video, 2007

Please tell us the history of United Visual Artists (UVA) – the name, how it gets started…

United Visual Artists was formed in 2003 by Matt Clark, Chris Bird and Ash Nehru. We started UVA with a vision to create innovative visual shows for touring bands. The name was initially considered ‘tongue-in-cheek’ but as the company has grown we realise it actually describes us very well – many people with different skills working together.

Since then we have diversified, our work now varies considerably. We create our own installation work for galleries, direct music videos, design architectural lighting, create experiences.

United Visual Artists (UVA)
“Reflect”at the British Library. 2007

In terms of creativity, how does your work engage the audience each time?

The main part of our work exists in a live context. We’re interested in creating immersive, responsive environments for people to explore and experience, or to perform within. If we can get people “into the moment” then we have succeeded.

United Visual Artists (UVA)
“Massive Attack”World Tour 2004

Where do you get inspiration?

Art, design, music, life experiences in general. It¹s hard to pick out any one influence. The process at UVA is a collaborative one both internally and externally. We draw on each others skills and influences for inspiration.

United Visual Artists (UVA)
“Triptych Madeleine”at the Louvre, Paris, 2007

Is there always a message to them? or an amalgamation of science and art that stimulates their senses?

There’s no explicit message, we more interested in provoking emotion through our work. The most you can ask for is a memory.

Is there any ‘glamour’ in this industry?

The glamour is being able to travel, to be able to work with inspiring people and to see our ideas made real.

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