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HAPPENINGText: Jo Phirip

In the end of summer, I visited Metamorphose 2007 on Aug 25th and 26th. A great number of people attended more than ever as they celebrated 8th anniversary this year. I was wondering if this big event obtained its reputation or some kind of temporary boom while crossing the gate.


An atmosphere of Metamorphose remains same since the first time, 8 years ago. Is this something done by the organizer? I am one of them who participate because of this atmosphere.

The uncommon world at the foot of Mt. Fuji where you can witness something you rarely see and listen to in your daily life. Brings me various memories not only music.


Metamorphose is consisted of 3 stages: SOLAR STAGE (Main stage, Large-scale live performance etc.), LUNAR STAGE (Indoor, DJ, Laptop, VJ etc.), PLANET STAGE (Outdoor stage most likely), Each of the stages is distinguished and amusing.


I started with ROVO at SOLAR STAGE in the dusk of the evening this year, and already in a festive mood.


On the way to LUNAR STAGE for AUDION having a booze, I found a pretty cool installation that you can project your shadow. “Cube Ibstallation Prototype” by IMGSRC Inc. They came up with this idea this year since they visit every time as their company-trip. They use a technique called processing. Just so beautiful path at night.

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