Ace is the hotel for cultural enthusiasts and creative professionals.

Ace Hotel
Ace Hotel Portland, Room 421 with Wet Confetti ©Photo: John Mark Sorum

The original Ace in Seattle, WA, is now part of a growing family of hotels, as the newest Ace Hotel opened in Portland, OR, earlier this year. The Ace aesthetic is shaped by its locale, which makes the Ace in Portland, OR, feel decidedly Northwest, evoking the independent spirit and handmade style found in the area. Atelier Ace—the design studio for the Ace Hotel—was a collaborator on Uniqlo’s Inspired Travel series, and is comprised of young designers from various disciplines.

Ace Hotel
Ace Hotel Seattle

Could you tell us about the UT project as well as about the participating artists?

The UT project was a great chance to work with Uniqlo, a brand that we have always had a great respect and admiration for, and to provide exciting work for up and coming Northwest Artists.

Ace Hotel
Ace Hotel Portland, Room 428 ©Photo: Jeremy Pelley

The theme of the project was “Travel”, did you give any specific requests to the participating artists when you curated?

We left the theme of the project very open. We wanted the artists to express what travel meant to them Some artists took it very literally and some created things a little more abstract.

Were there anything that you especially paid attention to?

Every artist took a completely different approach to the design. We thought the diversity of the approaches and designs was a great sign of many great styles of artists we have here in the Northwest.

Ace Hotel
Ace Hotel Portland, Room 415 – Mural “Larry” by Brent Wick ©Photo: Jeremy Pelley

Is there any designs that you liked especially?

Ace Hotel
Ace Hotel Portland, Room 306 with Amy Ruppel ©Photo: Jeremy Pelley

Amy Ruppel has a great style and has done a wonderful mural in Room 306 of the Ace Hotel Portland. Her designs always feature birds, owls and other animals, this translated perfectly to a travel theme.

Ace Hotel
Ace Hotel Portland, Room 308 with Justin “Scrappers” Morrison ©Photo: Jeremy Pelley

Justin “Scrappers” Morrison has done some awesome murals in Ace Hotel Portland, Room 206 and 308. His design took on the theme of travel in the Pacific Northwest. Scrappers is a camping enthusiast!

Ace Hotel
Ace Hotel Portland, Room 401 with Jeremy Pelley and Philip Losca ©Photo: Hannah Bates

Jeremy Pelley and Philip Losca completed murals in Room 401 and 425 respectively. They also worked on the design team for Ace Hotel Portland.

Ace Hotel
Ace Hotel Portland, Room 226 with Brent Wick ©Photo: Jeremy Pelley

Brent Wick has completed many murals in the Ace Hotel Portland , Rooms 415, 228, 201, 226. The mural of his cat Larry has garnered a lot of attention internationally in the press. His design, a dog on a skateboard, enough said!

Ace Hotel
Ace Hotel Portland, Room 212 with Sarah Gottesdiener ©Photo: Jeremy Pelley

Sarah Gottesdiener works for Plazm Design house in Portland, she has a mural in Room 212 of the Ace Hotel.

Ace Hotel
Ace Hotel Portland, Lobby with Liza Rietz ©Photo: Jeremy Pelley

As a clothing designer Liza Rietz stands out in this group of graphic designers and visual artists. She came to the table with an excellent design. Liza will be opening her own shop in Portland soon.

Ace Hotel
Ace Hotel Portland, Storm Tharp ©Photo: Jeremy Pelley

Storm Tharp is featured in this month shift cover and you can get lots of info about him there. His design is a great statement of the closeness that the Northwest USA feels for Japan.

David Kaul is a Seattle designer and he works for the innovative advertising agency creatue. He has a mural in the Ace hotel, Room 224. David also has a t-shirt design company called traits that he has recently started in Seattle.

Ace Hotel
Ace Hotel Portland, Room 325 with Shawn Wolfe ©Photo: Jeremy Pelley

Shawn Wolfe is a Seattle designer that has work in both the Ace Hotel Seattle and Portland. His tongue and cheek style is evident in the homage to his hometown.

Ace Hotel
Ace Hotel Portland, 4th floor stairwell with Evan B Harris ©Photo: Jeremy Pelley

Evan B Harris is a wonderful Portland artist. His murals are featured in Rooms 225 and 427 of the Ace Hotel Portland. Evan also has a large scale mural in the 4th floor stairwell.

Could you give us a couple of places except ACE that visitors to Portland should go?

Restaurants and Coffee Shops : Half and Half, Stumptown Coffee Roasters, Valentines, Biwa, The Busy Corner, Moxie

Galleries and shops: Compound Gallery, Upper Playground, Moshi Moshi, Billy Galaxy, Reading Frenzy, Grass Hut, Really Good Stuff, Goodwill Bins, Mississippi Records

Ace Hotel Portland
Address: 1022 SW Stark Street, Portland, OR 97205
Tel: 503-228-2277

Ace Hotel Seattle
Address: 2423 1st Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121
Tel: 206-448-4721

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Text and translation: Junko Isogawa

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