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PLACEText: Junko Isogawa

Ace is the hotel for cultural enthusiasts and creative professionals.

Ace Hotel
Ace Hotel Portland, Room 421 with Wet Confetti. Photo: John Mark Sorum

The original Ace in Seattle, WA, is now part of a growing family of hotels, as the newest Ace Hotel opened in Portland, OR, earlier this year. The Ace aesthetic is shaped by its locale, which makes the Ace in Portland, OR, feel decidedly Northwest, evoking the independent spirit and handmade style found in the area. Atelier Ace—the design studio for the Ace Hotel—was a collaborator on Uniqlo’s Inspired Travel series, and is comprised of young designers from various disciplines.

Ace Hotel
Ace Hotel Seattle

Could you tell us about the UT project as well as about the participating artists?

The UT project was a great chance to work with Uniqlo, a brand that we have always had a great respect and admiration for, and to provide exciting work for up and coming Northwest Artists.

Ace Hotel
Ace Hotel Portland, Room 428. Photo: Jeremy Pelley

The theme of the project was “Travel”, did you give any specific requests to the participating artists when you curated?

We left the theme of the project very open. We wanted the artists to express what travel meant to them Some artists took it very literally and some created things a little more abstract.

Ace Hotel
Ace Hotel Portland, Room 415 – Mural “Larry” by Brent Wick. Photo: Jeremy Pelley

Were there anything that you especially paid attention to?

Every artist took a completely different approach to the design. We thought the diversity of the approaches and designs was a great sign of many great styles of artists we have here in the Northwest.

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