I went to KEYFOREST871228 (Museum of Keith Haring) in Yamanashi, Japan during the Golden Week holidays.


My main motivation was seeing the “Pin Hole Bus Camera Project“. Unexpectedly, the fine arts museum was also good.


It was a rainy day. The smell of the wood from the new wood road of the fine arts museum made it feel like we were in another world.

The museum is composed of 3 sections.


Entrance: The image made from one of Keith Haring’s drawings is projected onto a very High ceiling.


First Floor: Keith Haring’s early and most recent works are collected in the same room.


Second Floor: This floor consists of collages of his various works. It was so colorful, just as I had imagined it would be.


Last Floor: This was/is the widest space. There is a solid and a big work. Although we are in a room, it felt like we were outside in a park.

I talked about this museum with member, director Ray Project. I told him how much we enjoyed the museum. Not only the pictures, but the sensitivity of the building.


To change the subject, the work that had the most impact was the camera bus. We entered the Box(Bus). We enjoyed the real time moving Pin Hole movie!! and this movie is a Pin hole movie, so we saw it Upside-down. It was so interesting.


Although it is a simple analog mechanism, the image which is seen through the pin hole continued the surprise. As a summer resort, Yamanasi is beautiful. I had a nice time, because I went to a wonderful museum and saw an interesting art project.
If you go to Yamanashi in Japan, you should go to this museum.

Open: 10:00-17:00
Closed on Tuesday
Address: 10249-7 Obuchizawa-cho, Kitayashiro, Yamanashi, Japan
Tel: 0551-36-8712
Planning: Sato Tokihiro+Ray Projects (Mitomo Syuta)
Collaboration: MOBIUM

Text and photos: PHIRIP from WARABIMOCHI

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