SONAR 2007

HAPPENINGText: Julio Cesar Palacio

At the Sonar Dome Stage the UK duo Black Affair warmed up the audience with their R&B mix of electro basses and a little British pop revival, but with a new face of humor and freshness.

Black Affair

The local underground was also represented, this time at the Sonar Complex by the local duo-band Les Aus. The performance run trough the noise-rock with a touch of improvisation and energetic captivating sound.

Les Aus

The real “charm” of the day was presented at the Sonar Dome with the live show of Facto Delafe y Las Flores Azules. A great fusion between soft hip-hop, pop and a fragile and beautiful voice of her singer. With enthusiastic and poetic lyrics the Catalan trio reestablished the positive atmosphere to the day.

Facto Delafe y Las Flores Azules

With the end of the day shows, the Sonar-by-night complex started to get completely crowded for an exiting night. With the Beastie Boys again as the head of the line-up – this time with a traditional hip-hop show attracting almost twice as much audience than the night before.

Beastie Boys

But the people who go to Sonar Night shows are hardly interested in anything but dancing till the sun comes up in the morning, and Friday night was perfect for it with the presence of the new heroes in the dancing field, the French label Ed Bangers.

With all this on the paper, the first big presence of the night came with the Beastie Boys in a Sonar Club full of people waiting to listen the trio in action. And the Beasties put the whole crowd to jump with their classical repertoire and some jewels like Brass Monkey, Super disco breaking and more. The show was for almost an hour and a half and after a fantastic turntable set by Mix Master MIke, the Beasties returned and made the audience go crazy with their spatial Intergalactic and ended the concert with a stand up against the United States government dedicating the mythic Sabotage to George Bush.

After this adrenaline excess the Sonar Park stage presented the wonderful universe of the Japanese Cornelius. Maybe the best show of the whole Sonar Festival, the music together with exquisite audiovisuals was a fantastic experience. Cornelius presented their new record Sensous. The hi-tech physodelia was transformed into delicate poetry.

After the two great live performances, the urge to dance lead the crowd to the SonarPub stage with the Showcase by the French label Ed Bangers again who brought to scene Dj-Mehdi, the live show by Uffie feat. Feadz and a new sensation on the dance floor coming from Paris, Justice. This time Justice came as Dj’s but the audience was holding the famous cross, as the icon of their first and successful album.

Dizzie Rascal

The night brought also the number 1 rapper in the UK, Dizzie Rascal, known for his charisma and talent to mix reggae and grime with fast and intelligent lyrics. Together with a Dj and MC, Rascal shows why he has become one of the references in British urban music.

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