THINGSText: Eric Choo

Atsushi Toyama’s book, “BirdBook”, there are several pictures depicting many types of birds in a unique artistic style. While that style might seem a bit childish, in fact to this writer as well as the many that might not be so artistically inclined, it offers a sort of comfort and cuteness that lends itself to simplicity.


Rather simple in its design and easy to understand, it’s basically a book with pictures of birds drawn by Atsushi Toyama. The material itself feels like paper given to a child to draw with, and the medium used seems to be crayon.


Indeed even the paper is thin to the touch and loosely stapled, probably intentional, it gives the book a sense of character and cuteness about it. The drawings are simple and often very rough which seems to lend to the idea that this was meant to be a simple collection of sketches loosely put together at the last minute.


The birds seem to have a wide variety and range from owls to pigeons, ducks to eagles and other unidentified birds I have yet to figure out. “Beauty in simplicity” I suppose one would say about this book.


Simple concept, execution and appreciation were the aim and perhaps it works out for the better. Perhaps those more artistically inclined would enjoy it better than me; I still appreciate it for what I think it is, cute drawings of different birds. Simplicity is best, in the view of this writer.

Atsushi Toyama “BirdBook”
Publisher: UTRECHT
Price: 1,260 yen
Release Date: June, 2007

Text: Eric Choo

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