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HAPPENINGText: Yoshito Maeoka

“If there is a goddess, there is a prostitute” when I started being interested in contemporary art, someone told me so. It is one way of thinking, which has influenced my thoughts. A very impressive phrase that symbolizes his attitude: “art is splendid because there are various expression and works”. However, the thing which I saw in John Bock’s “Lütte mit Rucola” (Lütte with Others) exhibit was a picture and installation which has an intense expression that transcends human reason and was neither a prostitute nor a goddess.

The main part of this exhibition was in two rooms. The first room is installation of a small room in a mess. The back room is a screening room with antique chairs and sofas.

The first room was messed up oddly. A shelf was fixed with a vice to a desk in the center, and strange devices are placed everywhere. In addition, furniture was arranged haphazardly, it didn’t make any sense. Red paint was scattered all over like blood.

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