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Usine Nuclearama © 2004 Vidya Gastaldon
Zeichnung, Bleistift, Farbstift und Aquarell auf Papier
Courtesy Art: Concept, Paris

The “Kunstmuseum Thun” is presenting the first comprehensive solo exhibition of works by French artist Vidya Gastaldon, who is also the artist participated in “DOTMOV2004” with her film work “Yellowrama”. The exhibition provids insight into her highly individual drawings and installations.

Portrait of Vidya Gastaldon

Gastaldon’s works exude cheerfulness; her pictorial worlds are filled with landscapes, rainbows, blossoms, hearts and Smileys. The artist does not shy away either from the supposedly childish or the apparently decorative. But by combining the most varied of elements in her drawings, objects and installations, and thus appealing to all too human longings, she propels her subjects forward. It would be much too inappropriate, therefore, to want to interpret her work as unrealistic sentimentality.

Parallel to the Vidya Gastaldon exhibition, the “Kunsthaus Thun” will be showing the video installation “Osmosis and Excess (2005)” by Aernout Mik.

Vidya Gastaldon
Date: 15th April – 18th June, 2006
Place: Kunstmuseum Thun
Address: Hofstettenstrasse 14, CH-3602 Thun, Switzerland
Tel: +41-(0)33-225-8420

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