HAPPENINGText: Tomohiro Okada

The power of the science changes even the sculpture. “Molfotower” by Sachiko Kodama, a sculpture with the magnetism liquid changing its shape freely is that. The metal that moves dynamically and delicately creates a sense of impossible existence.

“Molfotower” Sachiko Kodama

There is also a work to pursue new interpretation in space. One of these plaplax continues creating fantastic works with a shadow effect. The latest product “hanahana” visualizes a smell into CG. It is natural the smell to change by environment, but there is a new approach to change environment by smell here.

“hanahana” plaplax

The world of the TV game continues competitions in advanced technology. The TV game developer keeps checking media art that go more ahead than it. “PainStation” by //////////fur//// is considered as a legendary machine in the stylish TV games.

“PainStation” //////////fur////

It’s just a simple table tennis game. However, my heat beat fast when I play with it. It’s because I get electronic shocks when I lose the game. If you can’t stand the pain, you will lose the game. Though a game has to be safe merchandise for the demanding of stimulation, this machine is possible to exist because it’s an art.

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