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In the globalization era, the contemporary world looks savage. However, there seems to be the birth of another globalization by information and heart. It will bring us a fortunate experience. We can discover affectionate creative, affectionate art and affectionate technology by ourselves. Like the experience of reading SHIFT and exchange reviews about art and design are your voluntary action, and the new globalization also brings us the world that enable us to discover our own values and open new perspectives at different fields. There will be a shift from art and creative backed-up by authority of big museums or marketing to art and creative that has new ways of discovering affections by wisdom of crowds born with different perspectives. For this new coming era, I produced this exhibition, Electrical Fantasista 2008, for it to be a place of discoveries.

Electrical Fantasista 2008

Yokohama-city grew as a hub port city to connect Japan’s national capital with world. Old government building was chosen for the exhibition site because it brings down memories of those days. Fantasistas who are individuals or groups who have created works that enable us to experience near future exhibited their works in rooms with memories of 80 years of history. These works cannot be created by companies and marketing.

This exhibition is a wonder space to experience future created by fantasistas. Visitors are encouraged to experience works and talk in a space filled with fantasistas’ works. There is a wonder daily fun in this space.

Media Art is dominated by cutting-edge technology and technique, and everything from cities and lifestyles has become cyber. Has this really done, already? We want to look for affectionate things in this media-oriented daily life. New works have been created by a new generation of artists who make ever more considerate and beautiful media art from the quest of affectionate things.

Electrical Fantasista 2008
wowlab “PolarCandle” / Photo: Tomohiro Okada

In 19th centurey when visual media was introduced in the world, illusionism, a mobile expression caused sensation in Europe. Kaleidscopic style is probably one of the main illusionsism forms. “Polar Candle”, WOW‘s new work was exhibited at this exhibition. WOW’s works attract viewers by their intricate motion graphic. In addition, WOW do not make works for commercail puroposes, but they question it.

Electrical Fantasista 2008
MAKABE Tomo + chimney “Sometimes I’m Happy” / Photo: Tomohiro Okada

A little creature that dances on table is made by Chimney.This work “Sometimes I’m Happy” was created with time-lapse photography. In the kaleidscope, it shows us different dances and stages by animation, and inadvertently gives us a affectionate feeling.

Electrical Fantasista 2008
TABEI Masaru “like the clouds, like the rivers” / Photo: Tomohiro Okada

“Do robots have to have human-style?” Robots have become common and fantasistas make robots using different approaches. Masaru Tabei’s “Kouun Ryuusui” is a stone. The stone is covered with Japanese fundamental consciousness that reveres the nature is knotted with mesh hangs around the floor. There is no consciousness, but when the stone rolls, it feels that I am detecting the god of nature from the stone.

Electrical Fantasista 2008
TEAM LAB.NET “Always watching you” / Photo: Tomohiro Okada

There is another fantasista who made a robot of spiritualty that resides in eyes. This is created by teamLab who made a pure Japanese seach engine called Sagool. Their search engine enables search on the web based on “Omoro exponential”. Team lab is an ultra technologist team and they have been developing media art works using their super technology.

Tam Lab’s work called “It stares at all time”. Numerous eye balls mounted on the wall stare the vierws. The staring eyeballs become spirits and ghost and they keep staring from the other world. Team Lab tries to portrays the robot that exisits as a representation of both our world and cyber world.


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