HAPPENINGText: Tomohiro Okada

Don’t you want to touch this stylish fluff ball of “tabby”? “tabby” keeps expand and contract or shines when you touch like a pet please. A designer Ueki Aturo said “Comparing with the limit of the mechanical pet which is got tired, it becomes loved existence by making the interior like the pet.”

“tabby” Ueki Aturo

Most of the woman coming to this room touch this and get excited. An announcer of Fuji Television Network who came to cover talks for the unknown existence also said that she can’t say “indescribable” as a professional announcer, but she said inadvertently that in front of the camera because it was. She also said that starting from this mysterious charm, it begins to born the development of high interior as new PC peripherals from this exhibition.


On the other hand, there is a robot putting the theme on healing, too. The robot named “PARO” is reproduced seal’s child and introduced healed design and gestures. The prettiness is helpful for the place of nursing and also for a lonely elderly person.

It is said that the mechanical pet is got tired, but “PARO” promotes the dependence for the owner by introducing the prettiness as technology. Each robot is sent out after cleaning and proper hair cut.

Two creators of “tabby” and “PARO” will held a talk show about healing design by technology from 19:30 on 12th of March at the exhibition hall.

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