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HAPPENINGText: Tomohiro Okada

“talby” KDDI

One of the exhibits is a special site of “talby“, KDDI design cellular phone by Tohsaki. It’s a humorous work that you can play with the designed cellular phone. This is a limited opening to the public during this session.

“Responsive Type” Hudson-Powell

Responsive Type by Hudson-Powell is a site where pursued interactive creativity of Typodesign on the web.

“Pencil Catcher” Bascul

Pencil Catcher” by Bascul is a site where you can virtually catch the pencil trophy from “One Show”, an International Interactive Advertising Award. You can experience the difficulty to capture the prize by using remotely UFO catcher.

“Factoral Dots” null*

At last, null* contributed their work “Factoral Dots” and “Atmosphere” that keep changing the minimum design by the ourside voice and images.

Live presentations by each Fantasista are additionally held with “Flash Fantasista” in the hall. On 10th of March, there will be a presentation by “null*” members and DJ live from 19:30. This will be the preview of their exhibition at SOSO in Sapporo, starting from the next day. The SHIFT publisher Taketo Oguchi also will visit the hall and participate in the talk.

Moreover, from 20:00 on 5th of March, there will be an another talk show featuring interesting creative of interactive advertisement by Hisayoshi Tosaki who steps forward as a representative of “The Strippers” and a Dentsu creative director Hirozumi Takakusaki who keeps publishing a creative interactive advertisement.

The work that heals every day life by the media art and the design is created.

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