As compared with Berlin Art Forum, Berliner Kunstsalon and Berliner Liste has different tastes. By reducing costs to participate, up-and-coming picture galleries, alternative spaces and projects have joined them. Berliner Liste used buildings that have not been used anymore as exhibition spaces, such as a site of old school last year and a site of a power plant this year. Berliner Kunstsalon also used a site of factory both last year and this year. Preview Berlin that has started since this year is intending to form more high qualified scenes and networks throughout introductions of galleries and curators.

It is exciting to see the conclusion of Kunstmesse few years later, after changes of art scenes and changes of Berliner art scene.

Berlin Art Forum
Date: 29th September – 3rd October, 2005
Place: Messe Berlin Gmbh
Address: Messedamm 22, 14055 Berlin

Berliner Kunstsalon
Date: 30th September – 6th October, 2005
Place: Magazin
Address: Eichenstr. 4, 12435 Berlin

Berliner Liste
Date: 28th September – 3rd October, 2005
Address: Kopenhagener Strasse 58, 10437 Berlin

Preview Berlin
Date: 28th September – 2nd October, 2005
Address: Saarbruckerstrasse 36-38 Berlin

Text and Photos: Yoshito Maeoka
Translation: Kosai Kato

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