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HAPPENINGText: Carlos J. Gomez

With all this heat in the city, it’s really hard to think, be inspired or catch up with stuff like culture. For all that matters to New Yorkers is to avoid the heat as much as possible. P.S.1 WarmUp parties in the middle of these boiling-hot days? You have to be kidding.

One reasonable option that is sure to please those confined to their safe AC environment is the announcement that the Turntables on the Hudson parties are back at the Frying Pan boat on Friday nights during the summer.

These great parties by tradition are still being thrown by DJs Nickodemus & Mariano with their amazing weekly guests. The vibe here is quite groovy: there is one DJ doing his set inside the boat and another one taking care of the packed dance floor on the pier at the same time.

Fun nights with that cool Hudson breeze await the party goers. There will be time to catch up with more important matters in the fall.

Turntables on the Hudson: The Frying Pan
Date: July 29th, 2005
Place: The Frying Pan Boat
Address: 23rd Street & West Side Highway, New York, NY
Tel: +1 212 560 5593

Text: Carlos J. Gomez
Photos: Carlos J. Gomez

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