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HAPPENINGText: Emanuelis Ryklys

We all know how much money record companies gain from copyrights, but what is original if we talk about originality? One of latest row about copyrights happen when unknow DJ Danger Mouse mixed Jay-Z’s “The Black Album” and The Beatles “The White Album”. The new album was called “The Grey Album” and thousand promo copies were send to different producers/companies. DJ Danger Mouse got cautionary letter from The Beatles record owner EMI. But it was really enough for DJ Danger Mouse to became popular and get lots of music awards. Hurrah!

The festival programme shall to be started on Friday afternoon and without long pauses will continue till Sunday early morning. During the festival the various arts types will be harmonized: DJ and jazz bands improvisations, video arts projects will illustrate the musical one, the special light effects will highlight and change the architectural ensemble spirit.

The festival can be named as Lithuanian “Woodstock”. Non commercial music, harmony of various arts this is the ambiance where the professional artists and arts lovers could to get to know with new trends of visual and sound arts and to spend creatively the last summer days.

Two days long festival invites all art and music lovers, who likes to spend time in the open country and who looks for new feelings.

Here are some of top acts of this festival – The King (UK), Louie Fontaine (LV), Ejectes “Clash cash” (FR), DJ Kevin Marncuso (IT) and others. For complete artists list and the programme of Kulturos tvartas 2005 take a trip to a website of the festival.

Kulturos tvartas 2005
Date: August 19th – 20th, 2005
Place: Lentvaris, Lithuania

Text: Emanuelis Ryklys
Photos: Courtesy of Kulturos tvartas

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