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PEOPLEText: Yurie Hatano

Can you tell us about your own labels, “grAphic tAkorA” and “CHEAP POP”?

grAphic tAkorA” is the label that I use in creating pop visuals. It means that 3As are the final goal to reach my masterpieces. “CHEAP POP” is the label that I use in designing. I believe designs must be a great outcome at least that they are catchy and pop. “CHEAP POP” is the label that can turn my belief into reality. I actually chose “CHEAP POP” for this label with some irony because I want to keep creating these designs with a respectable visual and view point, but these pop designs are a part of mass-consumption and they are likely to be valued as cheap and easy.

I usually put the label name as my copyright unless I have an opportunity to put on my own name. I want to give people the impression that nobody never knows where I’m from.

I strongly believe visuals are a common language in the world and I don’t want to limit the places that I can show my visuals to only in Japan. In that sense, I’m very glad that even from abroad I can get feedback from the same view point as in Japan. Also I sort of yearn for DJs to present their works with a false name. I like that changing a name depending on TPO, like changing clothing depending on situations.

What is “CHEAP POP” for you?

It is a positive image. I want people to think “it’s happy.” I feel myself to be helped by the power from pop colors, tastes, and shapes, so I want to create things like that. I think this will be food for my life and everyday I just push hard.

What is the concept under cover design this month?

“Hello to the world!”

I think a strong thing we have in Japan to connect Japan to the world is the 2005 Aichi Expo, Japan, which focuses on the environment. So, I expressed my passion for the environment as an animation in this cover design. Its content is metempsychosis. The rival horses are Morizo and Kiccoro. The sound was done by Hamasato from Nipponia Electronica and Kawasaki from “in this world” provided technical support. Each feeling created a great mix. Such feelings were also a part of metempsychosis.

What do you plan to do in future? What do you want to challenge?

I have three things I want to do.

The first thing is, I want to use my pop images in things that can be found everywhere in our lives because such things can influence people for the longest time. Fabrics and furniture are good examples.

The second thing is, I want to create something for kids because I think education is really very important. Toys and visuals of TV programs are good examples.

The third thing is, I want to get an opportunity to have collaborations with other creators/artists abroad as a part of my activity or by joining expositions because I like to meet people having different thoughts and life styles. Recently, I’m very interested in working with people from neighboring countries in Asia, so if any companies are interested in what I’m doing, I really want them to try to contact me.

In these days, for political reasons, Asia has drastically received attention and I want to understand what I can do with my view point for mutual understanding. In that sense, I think that because of my way of life, the best way is to create something together to share our ways of thinking. It’s fuzzy though, I enjoy creating networks with others in different places and I hope I can be a start to spread interaction.

For the end, give some message to readers.

Thank you for reading this interview with me. The more fields you are interested in, the more places we can expand our activities. No matter what country, race, and generation you are in, I do expect every possibility of all of you to have a great imagination. Really enjoy imaging. This may be very personal, but if you feel good when you see my work, please tell me. It makes me feel good, too. And finally, I will create a thing that makes you guys feel much better.

Text: Yurie Hatano
Translation: Fumika Sugimoto

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