PEOPLEText: Ayako Yamamoto

You were a chief designer of TDR. What is different about your current activities compared to your previous work?

I have more opportunity to collaborate. Creating a broader range of possibilities for me to answer a clients brief. I have a consistently evolving catalogue of ideas and solutions. Making the studios message one of content and varied innovative style.

Could you tell us about your site?

I decided to design my previous site as a pdf book as the idea of receiving an object was an interesting way of presenting myself. It was a temporary solution and worked really well. Although with the need to regularly update my catalogue of work i decided to create a new site. It has a news section detailing anything from places ive been to, people ive met to information on completed projects. It leaves me to concentrate on producing new work. But im sure in the future it will morph into something else. What that is im not quite sure.

Please tell me the concept of the cover design for this edition of Shift?

The idea was to create a grid for a new typeface. The grid is structured using different shapes that represent the points making up the font. The pattern then turns into a more developed image creating a readable title. It is something I want to develop more with Hudson-Powell (a company I share my studio with). I think it would work very well as a corporate identity. The identity in print would be the pattern representing the company title. Then through motion graphics and interactive design the identity would create the companies title in a readable form.

Are there any projects you are planning now or something in work-in-progress?

Sanderson Bob is planning to create a book and exhibition for the label Yutaka Tajima. I am also producing a set of posters called Responsible. These are B&W A2 Posters each with a single name of a person who is responsible for major companies/songs/food that influence peoples everyday lives. Leaving the person responsible at the very front, minus the glossy facade they hide behind.

Please pass a message to Shift readers.

If you are ever near the Sanderson Bob studio you are more than welcome to pop in.

Sanderson Bob
Address: 3/4 Sunbury Workshops, Swanfield Street, London E2 7LF
Tel: +44 (0)20 7729 6788

Text: Ayako Yamamoto

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