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HAPPENINGText: Yuki Ishida

Katsuki Tanaka

This work is by Katsuki Tanaka. This work looks like a face even if you see it upside-down. There is a funny episode that Afghan craftsman couldn’t understand the trick and kept weaving it wrongly for the first few months.

Tadanobu Asano

This work is by Tadanobu Asano who says “when I design a rug next time, I want to make the one in which a rug craftsman is drawn”. “I would like to keep doing the project like this. I appreciate the opportunity to work with people who even don’t know the face”.

From the left) Yayoi Deki, Gento Matsumoto, Wataru Komachi

In Yayoi Deki’s work, human faces are drawn with a gradation of a warm colour but a dark line is suddenly appeared in the upper middle. Maybe it’s a mistake of a craftsman.

Originally, a rug is a thing used in daily life being felt and enjoyed with the four senses. This exhibition is literally an exhibition of rugs which “exhibits” them but I hope I can have an opportunity to “feel” it by sitting on or laying down on the rugs as well.

4U Rug Exhibition
Date: October 8th – 22nd, 2004
Place: Camel Pleasure Factory(CPF)
Address: 8F FIK Minami Aoyama, 5-13-3 Minamiaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
TEL: +81 (0)3 3407 8477
Curator: Miharu Imai (BAMVI)
Cooperated with: NPO foundation Mogu Village Project, Jun Watanabe (Nomadic ART)

Text: Yuki Ishida
Translation: Naoko Fukushi
Photos: Yuki Ishida

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