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HAPPENINGText: Heng WhooKiat

On the second and last day of the conference, Jon of Weta Digital spoke about some of the behind the scenes action in their biggest work, “Lord of The Rings”. The most impressive of this was how the character Gollum aka Smeagol was animated. Jon also shared that, given the often tight timeline, an important part of their work process was the daily review. This constant “Create and Review” process ensures that all work done would be of the highest standards.

Designer Alan Chan walked on stage with the airs of a kungfu master. It is no wonder that his work is highly acclaimed internationally. After presenting his work, he gave away one of his recent creations, a very long scroll that details his life’s work.

My favourite speaker was Leslie. Sharing his experience from Singapore, Tokyo and New York, Leslie spoke with much sincerity and connected really well with the audience. He launched his magazine “Supermag” at the conference.

Closing off the conference was James Jarvis. Armed with a marker, James drew on stage explaining how he conceived the “World of Pain”. He shared with the audience that the universe of “World of Pain” were not just built of pure whims and fancies, but it had varying references ranging from Jane Austen to the Bauhaus.

All in all, I would say that the event was a great success, achieving its goal of getting designers and other creatives to share what they love to do, why they love to do, how they do and of course, what keeps them continue doing what they do. The wonderful 3-day event ended with a happening party held at Centro where all the conference participants gathered and mingled with the speakers. Sign me up for next year’s conference!

IdN My Favourite Conference 2004
Date: May 13th – 15th, 2004
Place: Singapore Expo Halls
Address: 1A&B, 1 Expo Drive, Singapore

Text: Heng WhooKiat
Photos: Heng WhooKiat

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