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“The soccer stadium of F.C.R.B. (Real Bristol) can be returned”.
The former site of the stadium is being returned to its natural geographical features by burying the hole that was dug for this subterranean stadium which has since become unnecessary.

Photo by Yasuhide Kuge

Having seen the invitation of the opening, many people were completely confused. This is the story of a home stadium construction project for a fictitious club team “F.C.R.B.”, which was established by the fashion brand “SOPH.” Through the earnings amassed from selling stadium goods, the supporter itself aims to construct the stadium.

This project aims at considering the problem associated with resources and energy in relation to construction projects. The exhibition of the new visuals is accompanied by explanations incorporating environmental data designed by Tycoon Graphics.

The project asks two questions, “How is the earth doing?” and “What can be done to be kind to the earth?”

Goods, such as a T-shirt and a concept book, are also substantial.
Especially the book flies is recommended! The book shows new work by Mr. Yoichi Takahashi of “Captain Tsubasa” and includes a small sticker. I was very satisfied with the high quality of this visual book.

Earth Lounge Vol.2 “F.C.R.B. Stadium Project”
Date: untill 31th May 2004
Open: Sunday to Saturday10:00-17:00 (* Open on Holidays)
Place: MeSci, The Japan Science and Technology Agency National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation
Addess: 2-41, Aomi, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0064 Japan
Admission Fees: Adults: 500 yen, 18 years of age and under: 200 yen

* Free admission for up to two children age 6 and under per one adult

Text and Photos: Yuki Ishida from Web Designing
Translation: David Fogel

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