HAPPENINGText: Gisella Lifchitz

When asked about the objective of Banquete project, the people of Gran Canaria Council for Culture affirm, “we decided the most significant proposal we could make involved communication itself”. This institution organized the opening exhibition of Gran Canaria Digital Space, just a couple of months ago.

The participating formats were video- art, interactive installations, net- art and transgenic art from national and international artists. The main themes of the creators were the merging of art and science and the effect of information technologies on art itself. The exhibit was divided in two topics: distortions and biosphere- infosphere, a journey through a maze of codes.

According to Karin Ohlenschlager and Luis Rico, directors of the Banquete project, “Nowadays art explores chaotic structures and complex systems. Its building bricks are growth algorithms and genetic codes. The resulting artistic projects generate new spaces for communication. They circulate through the telematic networks and participate in the social construction of reality”.

Both the organizers and artists ask themselves whether the background noise is such that it gets in the way of real knowledge. “This information society, which has made a dogma of transparency, has caused a dense opaqueness”, they affirm.

The works explore the relationship between biological, social, technological and cultural systems, based on information and communication media.

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