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THINGSText: Yuki Ishida

Now, there’s one more topic. Recently, there is “art vogue” in the publishing world featuring art topics in general magazines. In this situation, one deep art magazine has started. It is “ART iT”. (“iT” is an abbreviation of “in Tokyo”). The starter is Tetsuya Ozaki who is a publisher and a chief editor at the same time for culture online magazine, RealTokyo. What a big decision to start the art magazine in such a difficult time! Check it out the first bilingual art journal in Japan!

The highlight of the first issue is a long interview with Yoko Ono. How much do you know about Yoko Ono as an artist? Art director is Naoki Sato from ASYL design.

Release: A quarterly journal
Price: 952 yen (1000 yen tax included)
Editor, Publisher: REALTOKYO + Tetsuya Ozaki office
Contact: Realcities

Text: Yuki Ishida
Translation: Naoko Fukushi

[Help wanted] Inviting volunteer staff / pro bono for contribution and translation. Please e-mail to us.