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HAPPENINGText: Yuki Ishida

Currently celebrating its one year anniversary in the Marunouchi area, are loads of cows situated around the Maru-building. These cows are part of a public art event, Cow Parade, being held all over the world. The first place in Asia is here in Marunouchi.

Gugi Akiyama “SOCCOW”

Many people might be asking, “Why is it a cow?”. There are two reasons. First, the cow is the most popular animal in Switzerland where the event originated. Second, it is the only animal that keeps its character even if its colour or shape is altered.

Akira Uno “Cow Girls”

64 cows made of painted glass fiber, some with things stuck to them, are standing, sitting aroudn the building. Let me introduce you to some of them. The work of Akira Uno aka Aquirax, who plays an active part in the frontline through a forty year career, created “Cow Girls”. The cow is painted with the red dots of aesthetic women. (The front one is “Praying Cow” designed by Katsumi Asaba)

Toshio Iwai “Another Time Cow”

“Another Time Cow” designed by Toshio Iwai, a media artist, is one of the unique interactive works you can look through the scene of Marunouchi city distorted or lagged behind from its back.

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