HAPPENINGText: Jo Kazuhiro

Digital Art Festival Tokyo (DAF Tokyo) is a meeting place where people meet through the digital arts and create something. Over August 8th to 17th, various programs, such as performances, exhibitions, symposiums, and film screenings were performed in the Panasonic Center, Ariake, Tokyo.

In this report, I send an inside look of the Exhibition “Tokyo Gadget” by Ryota Kuwakubo and Crispin Jones, their talk show and Digista Exhibition, the best selection work of TV program “Digital Stadium”.

First exhibition “Tokyo Gadget”. When you go into the hall, you can grab “Bitman”. It is a device made by Ryota Kuwakubo, device artist, in collaboration with Maywa Dunki, one of the participating artists at DAF Tokyo. Grasping and shaking or leaning, “Bitman” is enjoyable.

Ryota Kuwakubo “Bitman”

Next to it was the “Video Bulb.” It transfers images from it through a television’s RCA plug. In the hall are various devices developed by Kuwakubo. The list is long: “Duper/Looper”; the quasi-wargame “PLX” (selected for ARS Electronica 2002); the table-like animation creation tool “Bit-hike”; the sound generation device “heavenSeed” (which can be enjoyed throwing or rolling). The electrical disk game “loopScape” was exhibited with a MENKO-like card with instructions. It was impressive, though many people who were visiting strayed from the start.

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