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I discovered the RA‘s work on the web and I have received his newsletter for a longtime. I think his style is between Francis Bacon and Paul Rebeyrolle. I really like his illustrations so I decided to interview him.

Can you introduce yourself?

I’m Raoul Sinier as RA (from my first name Raoul, not from any Egytptian mythology), I’m a designer by day and illustrator and musician the rest of the time. I live in Paris, France.

What is your background?

I did 2 arts schools in France. I don’t feel like I really learnt something there, but it was nice.

What are your influences?

I can’t say I have any precise influences, I feed off what I see. I think it’s really important to watch and feed from everything. From authors of course, writers, drawers, painters, films makers, anyone but also from situations, stories, etc… Some major influences are not always obvious on anyone’s work. So yes, my influences are a mix of everything.

How do you work?

It’s 100 % digital now. Apart from textures, scratchy walls, dirty metals and things like this that I shoot with my digital camera, I work with my mac and a Wacom tablet, a small one.

Can you introduce your actuality?

I’m working on my first comic, with a writer. I’m starting page #44 now and we think the final comic will reach at least 150 pages or so. We are very excited about this project, although it’s the first one for both of us, we are very happy with it so far. I put some images at my website, in the illustration section.

What are your projects?

I’m starting to work on illustrations for a book, maybe some edited/altered photos, we are still discussing this with the author. I just finished the cover artwork for the band dDamage, the record will be released by Planet-mu, I’m really excited about this one. Speaking of music, I will be featured on the “men’s revenge” electro compilation, to be released in June 2003 on the label Tsunami-Addiction.

What do you think about contemporary creation?

I don’t know… It seems that there are a lot of talented people and a lot of fakes. But it always been like this anyway. I’m really interested into this kinda new digital painting scene, there are a lot of so talented (and so young!!!) artists.

Who are the artists that you appreciate?

There are a lot, of course, Francis Bacon is really my all time favorite, like I said I’m really into digital painting now, with young and not yet famous artists like Ak, Hpx1, JibifAAk, Snayz, Nox, Sear, Popay… I’m sure I’m forgetting a lot of people here. I think the "new graffiti" artists are very interrestings, too. And I’m always focused on "classical" people, like Giger or Chris Cunningham.

Text: Jerome Lacote

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