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This year ArtFutura celebtated its 13th edition and, for the second consecutive year, the festival was held where it was born: Barcelona, Spain. (it was celebrated in Madrid for a few years). It has become an important reunion for the digital artists in Spain and Europe.

During the festival, you can assist in several workshops. Examples include: ‘ Special Effects -Alex Grau- ‘from Shrek to SpiderMan’; Nvidia Corp ‘convergence between cinema and videogames’ character setup in 3DstudioMax by Marc de Miquel;

Novarama; ‘advanced aplications for mobiles’; Jordi Alonso, SUN Microsystems; and Motion Graphics -Javier Mrad, MediaLuna and others, participate in open discussions, watch the projections of the greatest digital animation pieces that were developed this year in Spain and the rest of the world, some of the finest games, music videos, film graphics, 3D, special effects, and everything generated by computer

that can be considered as Art. Included this year was more theory and practice courses concerning digital arts, graphics, and motion.

The festival included the showing of the best from Resfest: the digital film festival, and the works of the British guys of Shynola.

On Videogames, Ernest Adams, the designer of Madden NFL and Gonzalo Suarez, the Spanish developer of Commandos, discussed arts and gaming, and the rising new independent movement in the electronics leisure business.

Between the presentations of 3D and Visual Effects, this year Art Futura offered a special about Weta Digital, the company that is developing the digital effects for the movie trilogy of J.R.R.Tolkien’s The Lord of The Rings. The animation supervisor of Weta Digital, Adam Valdez talked about the epic process. The Spaniard Alex Grau –Spider Man Tech Director (Sony Pictures)- talked about his experience with projects such as AI and Shrek.

The live exhibitions in ArtFutura give a more exciting feeling than going to a normal museum. The
light sculptures of Paul Friedlander are living proof of creating real time art pieces.

“HyperSpheres and The Wave Equation are the names I gave to the two major installations on show. I chose a mathematical theme in honour of my father,F G Friedlander, a Cambridge mathematician and fellow of the Royal Society.He died last year. Waves were an abiding interest for him, as they have become for me. The name of one of the installations is taken from the title of his book, ‘The Wave Equation on a Curved Space Time’. Extracts from the book were projected into both the installations. The HyperSpheres were created last year but I have now added an extra large HyperSphere and the data projection in 3D.The Wave Equation was created specially for this show.” Paul Friedlander

They are generated in real time, as you can see in the pics, by the light that is projected into the turning ropes that are hanging and spining from the ceiling.Gives you the holographic sensation of digital art.

Another exhibition ‘OCHOPOROCHO’ showed artpieces specially made for ArtFutura by Hi-res!, Micromusic community and some pieces from Jodi, Team cHman, Robotduck and “independent gaming” GameLab.

“Electronic music and gaming culture grew up together – cheap home technology allowing creative autonomy and generating a great popular obsession.While the biggest videogames corporations already control Hollywood budgets,the culture of games – like the culture of electronic music – combines the underground and the commercial in a joyful and irreverent audiovisual mix.” extract from FiftyFifty

The web as canvas, mediated artistic proposals from ten artists-programmers that created specific interfaces for us to generate our own “painting with code” experience. The best were artpieces by AREA3(Barcelona) with pieces by Calc, Entropy8zuper, Mark Napier, Lia and Dextro, John Simon Jr, Insertsilence, Antonio Mendoza, Joshua Nimoy and ScottDraves.

Pablo Soto -Blubster-, Nacho Escobar -Free Music-, Pedro Soler –FiftyFifty – had a conference called ‘El Futuro de la Música en las redes’ (The future of the music within the networks’) where the piracy of commercial and non-commercial music is changing the way the big corporations from the music industries work. You can visit Playtime with visuals from Teamtendo(FR), Gwem & Gwemettes (GB), The C-Men !(HOL) , WangaN’Monsta (SZ),and others.

The inclusion of a collective of people that call themselves “the scene”became a surprise this year. They made a festival about “art” pieces in little spaces of code (4k and 64k) including beautiful 3D renderings and enviroments that they call “intros“. How do they do it in such a little amount of space? They make it all happen in real time. So everything you see is generated by the computer the exact moment you’re watching it.

Some great parties occur around Barcelona. Check out: BCN Demo Party Artfutura 2002 site with projections, showcases of deejays, tons of pictures and links to artists.

The winners at BCN Demo Party Artfutura 2002 were:For ‘Fast Code’ was Isaac2. ‘Fast gfx’: Shock, ‘Fast Music:’ dj ramon & dj david. gfx 2d: ‘inmaculada concepcion _ shock’ . ‘gfx 3d’: ardilla _ onesk8man.’Sid’ : n340 blues _ finnr. ‘chiptune’: yepppa _ josss & wizard. ‘multichannel’: soul abductor _ smash. ‘high quality’: moobdeema _ armidas. ‘Wild’ : Rarezas01 _ asnah. ‘intro4k’: blursux _ fuzzion. ‘intro64k’: paradise is coming _ rgba.’demos’: petroleo _ boah.

In Valencia, Science Museum ‘ Principe Felipe’ , Valencia and Artium de Vitoria Museum, a selection of animations from Artfutura at Barcelona was exhibited. The people there could appreciate the best art.pieces from ArtFutura2002, Infography in Spain 2002 and a special demo-reel: Artfutura : 12 years.

The most important award called Infography in Spain presents the best 3d animation works and special effects produced by students, agencies and schools in Spain from the last year. The people there could vote for the best one. The winner was: “The Wet Pet”-Przemyslaw Sargeant / David Notivoli

“The Cathedral” (Plastige Image short film – Poland) who obtained the award for the best short animated film on the last SIGGRAPH edition, also won first place at the ArtFutura competition this year. The editors of this article recommend downloading the trailer here.

For the first time ArtFutura awarded the Videogames creations. For this the festival joined Sony PlayStation to give the first prize of 6000 euros. The people on the jury were: Daniel Sanchez Crespo (Director of the Master of Videogaming from Universidad Pompeu i Fabra, Barcelona). – Antunez (Artist), Gonzalo Suarez (videogames designer, Arvirago), Nuria Diaz (Director of the Master of Multimedia from the Elisava Design School), Ernest Adams (ideogames designer, vBullfrog Studios) and Javier Candeira from ArtFutura.

From the more than 50 titles received, the jury decided to award:

1) 1st Prize – 6000 Euros: “Innsonik” from Innothna

2) Five special mentions who the winners will have a PlayStation 2 Special Edition. The best finished videogame: “Spacefire”, from Bruno Rossi & Stefano Martino

Narrative Mention: “Adventum”, from Fran Vazquez, Luis Rojo and Jose Luis Marquez
Originality Mention: “Office Racer”, from Oscar Zurriaga, Victor Zurriaga and Agustin Caja
Esthetics Mention: “La fuga de Miguelito”, from Glaznost
Best Technology Mention: “Duality”, from Toni Sanchez and Oscar Perez
Special Mention: “Devil by Mistake”, from Devilish Games

ArtFutura 2002
Date: October 31th – November 3th 2002
Place: Estacion de la Communicacion, Despacho 3102
Address:Paseo de Circunvalacion 8, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

Text and Photos: Daniel Ramirez Centurion, Maria Paz Pedreros from D76

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