HAPPENINGText: Daniel Ramirez Centurion, Maria Paz Pedreros

“Electronic music and gaming culture grew up together – cheap home technology allowing creative autonomy and generating a great popular obsession. While the biggest videogames corporations already control Hollywood budgets,the culture of games – like the culture of electronic music – combines the underground and the commercial in a joyful and irreverent audiovisual mix.” extract from FiftyFifty

The web as canvas, mediated artistic proposals from ten artists-programmers that created specific interfaces for us to generate our own “painting with code” experience. The best were artpieces by AREA3(Barcelona) with pieces by Calc, Entropy8zuper, Mark Napier, Lia and Dextro, John Simon Jr, Insertsilence, Antonio Mendoza, Joshua Nimoy and ScottDraves.

Pablo Soto ‘Blubster’, Nacho Escobar ‘Free Music’, Pedro Soler ‘FiftyFifty‘ had a conference called ‘El Futuro de la Música en las redes’ (The future of the music within the networks’) where the piracy of commercial and non-commercial music is changing the way the big corporations from the music industries work. You can visit Playtime with visuals from Teamtendo (FR), Gwem & Gwemettes (GB), The C-Men ! (HOL), WangaN’Monsta (SZ), and others.

The inclusion of a collective of people that call themselves “the scene”became a surprise this year. They made a festival about “art” pieces in little spaces of code (4k and 64k) including beautiful 3D renderings and enviroments that they call “intros“. How do they do it in such a little amount of space? They make it all happen in real time. So everything you see is generated by the computer the exact moment you’re watching it.

Some great parties occur around Barcelona. Check out: BCN Demo Party Artfutura 2002 site with projections, showcases of deejays, tons of pictures and links to artists.

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