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For a human and poetic experience in the technological era.

Studio Azzurro is a group of artists that have made an international name due to their message ‘not with a scream, but with the subtle retelling of a story’. We met the group to come up with an idea for the launch of domusweb. After several hours of discussion, the direction had moved from making an installation for a party to a strong desire to see them at work on the web.

No touch, no real spaces, interactive carpets or parachutes – just significance through the screen.

Images from the interactive installation “Tavoli”

Studio Azzurro was formed in Milan in the year 1982 as an experimental artistic and video research project through the coming together of different minds. Fabio Cirifino (b.1949), a photographer born in Milan, Paolo Rosa (b.1949), working in Visual Arts and cinema and born in Rimini, Leonardo Sangiorgi (b.1949) of Parma specialised in Graphics and Animation and a most recent addition in 1995 of Stefano Roveda (b.1959) who works in interactive systems.

Studio Azzurro’s research concentrates on the integration of electronic imagery into environments, with the intention of making the spectator a participant of these ‘video-environments’ as they have been defined from the start. An experience that extends into the exploration of theatre space, with the design and installing different shows and musical operas in place thereby interpreting a parallel cinematographic path that manifests itself in the production of films and short films.

Characters in the interactive installation “Il giardino delle anime”

The work as described by the Studio. Occhi Imperfetti (Imperfect Eyes). For a visual research, for the electronic imagery and contemporary music on line.

Having imperfect eyes is a natural condition for Humans. This physical limitation is what makes it possible for us to explore the universe of XXIst century electronic images. Our eyes are slow and imperfect because they are not able to renovate their sensitive surfaces quickly enough. This means that we are continually fooled by images that change very quickly.

Very often a limitation is a pretext for an absorbing expansive action, a leap forward, a vision of the future, that is not only chronological but that is also linked to behaviour, culture and ethnicity. ‘Imperfect eyes’ has another meaning in this situation, because they are voluntary accomplices in accepting as real a synthetic reality that is clearly approximate and uncertain in its mosaic of small light squares, jagged edges, rapid movements and unlikely forms.

Interactive installation “Tavoli”

But what is Imperfect Eyes? Is it a site? Is it an interactive installation? Is it a place for visual experimentation? Is it a kit for video explorers? Make these questions into statements and you have the multiple ways that this online work can be interpreted.

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