This month, Shift features Spain. The cover was designed by One of the most famous editorial productions ‘Ipsum Planet’ based in Madrid, Spain. They produce Neo2 Magazine as well as Org Magazine. We asked them about the Neo2 Magazine and Spain.

First of all, please introduce yourself as well as your back ground.

Neo2 is a paper magazine edited by Ipsum Planet, a creative studio in Madrid, Spain. Ipsum Planet has 8 years working with many national and international clients as: Cartier, Lego, Adidas, Lois… Our work is aimed by now to the graphic/printed creativity.

Please tell us about your magazine ‘NEO2’. What is the aim of it?

Neo2 is a tendencies magazine (art, fashion, industrial design, architecture, photography….) We try to let know and to support hispanic creatives basically, but we are also open to other countries creatives.

How many people are there working on the magazine and how do you produce it?

We are 9 people now in the office and a net of contributors of about 150 people out of the office in each issue. The 90% of the content is created exclusively for Neo2. The magazine is distributed in all cities of Spain, the international distribution is growing with every issue in the most important cities of the world. Since a few issues the magazine is bilingual(Spanish/English). The magazine is financed through the ads that appear init and the sales.

We would like to ask you about the contributors. What kind of people take part in besides you?

There is a wide net of contributors in and out of Spain, photographers, stylists, make up artists, architects, writers, illustrators, journalists…They are restless people with the desire of showing their work. (On the next issue we show the 30 contributors that worked more for Neo2 with big photoes and psycological tests).

How often do you release it? Do you have theme on each issue?

Neo2 is in the streets every two months and most of the time it has a specific subject, the next one is about “contrtibutors” (Jul.-Aug. 01), the next ” Toledo” (Sep.- Oct. 01) and the next one “regular” (Nov.-Dec. 01).

What is the difference between this magazine and the other.

We try to give it its own personality, renewing in every issue used resources. Almost all contents have a mischievous side. We try to take out seriousness to the serious contents. We work with humor and the irony.

What kind of contents does the web site have?

Neo2 is not a magazine on line, our web is simply informative of what you can find in paper, well, we also give some typographies we created and that are used in the magazine. For the web we work with contributors as Ben Vine, Andrew Culbert or Xnographics . They are working on the new web of Neo2 and Ipsum Planet.

When you made the cover design for Shift this month, what did you imagine and how did you work on it?

We wanted to create an image with a backwards aspect as it was made with one of the first computers of the 70’s. Neo2 designers have been working in it and Ben Vine helped us with flash.

Then we would like to ask about Spain. What is hot now?

Currently, in Spain, there are a huge number of creative people and cultural events. We would like to point up the following artists and events:

Jose Padilla (ambient, chill out)
Lost balance (trip hop)
Manoukian (house)
Chico y Chica (pop)

Cultural events:
PhotoEspana (Madrid) – International Photography Festival
In Motion (Barcelona) – Cinema, music, performance, theatre, dancing and dinner
Bienal de Valencia (Valencia) – A new international art event
Phonotica (Gijon) – Electronic music and multimedia art
Benicassim (Castellon) – The best international music festival in Spain
BAM (Barcelona) – Open air concerts around the city (pop and electronic music)
Isladencanta (Mallorca) – Electronic and pop music near the sea
– Circuit (Barcelona) – Fashion shows on the streets

Fashion designers:
– Carlos Diez Diez
Locking Shocking
– David Delfin
– Ailanto
– Duyos
– La Marthe
– La Casita de Wendy

– Jordi Labanda

– Eleonora (Bimba)

And that’s just a short list…

Would you recommend any cafe or restaurant in Madrid, Spain?

“La Gracia de Montera” in Caballero de Gracia Street (near Gran Via). It is a very cheap restaurant with very actual and fine decoration. They don’t make reservations and you must go 2 hours before to have a place.There are a lot of plates of a very good Mediterranean food.
“El Cayetano” in Encomienda Street (near El Rastro). It is not a restaurant is more or less a very ugly bar/seafood shop in a little dangerous area in Madrid. On Sunday mornings is full of people so it is better to go any other day. It is the cheapest place in Madrid to eat seafood and drink beer.

Do you know anything about Japan and have any comment?

We only know Tokyo. We were there a little time ago and we loved it, is more advanced than Paris or New York. People is nice, educated, well-looking, it is well combined the future and the past, nature and technology… The gastronomy is fantastic. Tokyo is the city that took the best of other cities.

The last question. Do you have any plans for near future?

We would like to start distributing in Japan, but we tried it with a distributor and we had censoring problems, it seems to be a problem showing pictures of naked people. We are looking for new distributors, so if you know any…

Ipsum Planet / Neo2 magazine
Address: San Bernardo, 63 2シF 28015 Madrid, Spain
Tel: +34 915 229 096

Text: Taketo Oguchi
Translation: Naoko Ikeno

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