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Here is a small set of Moscow views.

Tverskaya street

Kremnlin’s advertizing “n*vea: happiness together”

Manezhnaya square, low horizon

Central state library

Red and yellow, favorite colors of street advertisements

House of nations friendship

Kalininskiy avenue

Ministry of Foreign Affairs building

Moscow’s subway

Arbatskaya subway station

Different districts shots

From top left corner: Noname graffity, “Warning! kids”, Public call-box, “Gifts ofthe sea + p*psi”, Address pointers, Double-headed eagle, “Theatres” (perfect typography), Star, Academician Kurchatov’s head, Shop sign, “Police”, Noname graffity, “Moscow’s subway”scheme, Transport pointers,, “Respect street cleaners work” sign, Advertising poster

Text and Photos: Sergey Safonoff from Neomega

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