PARIS 2000

HAPPENINGText: Julien Villaret

The last act of the visit take place in Beaubourg, Centre Pompidou.

Inside, the Purple Institute, an independent label for the arts (see for example the “Purple Magazine”), has thought to unite some artists in order to build an exhibition based on abstraction and sensory, Elysian Fields.

More than fifty works cooperate, photos, videos, music and installations. Some of them are very original, as the paintings of the Japanese director Takeshi Kitano, full of poetry, or the attractive pictures of Masafumi Sanai.

A lot of artists show remarkable works too. We noticed over all the very mysterious drawings of Maria Finn, the metaphysical video of Jeremy Blake, the carpet installation of Dike Blair or the moss rocks of Andrea Zittel.

It is finally a very special exhibition that don’t stay in common form, and with artists that take their responsibilities lightly, so far from the norm in that kind of institution.

So this is the end for now. In spite of the huge provincial exhibitions of the summer, whose aim his to reach a large public, Paris is still the reference, at least for arts and contemporary creation. So let’s just enjoy it, while waiting for the sun.

Text: Julien Villaret
Photos: Julien Villaret

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