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EVA 2000

HAPPENINGText: Sergey Safonoff

The most important event in the media life of Moscow this month came to be the international exhibition EVA 2000 (Electronic Imaging and the Visual Arts 2000). The convention’s subject was ‘New technologies in museums, galleries, libraries and archives’ at the State Tretyakov Gallery.

Apart from strictly professional reports about the numeralization of exhibits, archive-keeping, standards and special software, the role of multimedia in education, employment of the virtual expositions as a supplement to real ones and experiments in visualisation of educational material were represented.

The booth of INTERSOFT Multimedia Publishers

In the leaner’s edition the synthesis of the means gets a particular meaning. Every one of them is a certain way of the world’s cognition and their aggregate is being consolidated into a united educational environment that presupposes creative and playing knowledge.

The conception of a textbook’s multipurpose interface, built on the basis of VRML and united with a number of databases, was rather interesting. It was supposed to be made so that it could adjust itself for a concrete person, developing its potential abilities.

The models of interface that make you able to apprehend the processes and objective regularity that are inculcated into the learner’s manual body apart from the standard textual information. Many museums shared their experience of the virtual expositions, multimedia products, that were made in them and of the technologies used.

This subject to my mind is far more interesting for a designer and multimedia-artist as ‘the rise of the purchaser’s demand’. If it weren’t for the financial question…

The booth of HyperMethod Multimedia Publishers

Our studio participated in this exhibition with the ‘State Museum of Oriental Art’ project.

As distinct from the serious projects, presentated in the exhibition’s museums section, the contemporary art section was like a kindergarden. Here they narrated about that in Internet you could arrange your art-projects, that it is so simple and convenient to communicate by e-mail, etc. But the last drop was the statement named ‘WAP – an art-certificate for mobile phones’ and its theses ‘WAP today is WWW in 1995’ and ‘WAP – an exclusive art environment’…

The whole event was thoroughly prepared. The Internet broadcasting, huge transparent projection screens, stuff, etc. And the most pleasant thing for me to learn was the fact that our media-disciplines’ specialists do now speak a language that can be easily understood.

EVA (Electronic Imaging & the Visual Arts) 2000
Date: October 30th – November 3rd, 2000
Place: The State Tretyakov Gallery
Address: 10 Lavrushinsky Lane, Moscow
Tel: +7 495 957 07 27

Text: Sergey Safonoff
Photos: Courtesy of EVA 2000 Moscow Programme Committee

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