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HAPPENINGText: Simone Biffi

Waiting for the summer holidays, Milan gives you the opportunity to check out a exclusive and interesting exhibition. The best known fashion photographer is on the stage. From the 9th of July until the 28th of September, William Klein is showing the collection entitled ‘Paris + Klein’.

Simone et Marines, Pont Alexandre III, Paris, 1960 © William Klein

Paris + Klein is a new photographic project that the artist dedicates to his adoptive city, Paris. Like in other works he has already made, Klein tries to explore and tell his sensations living in the city he has always loved, using his typical vision.

Simone + Phosphatine, Paris (Vogue), 1960 © William Klein

The exhibition, counting more than one hundred black & white photos, shows little stories of the lifestyle in the principal cities he has explored. His style has influenced the vision of many photographers around the world and will continue doing so.

Model + Policeman, Chanel, Paris (Vogue), 1957 © William Klein

Paris + Klein is a puzzle of images: people on the streets, fashion world, policemen, politicians, and sport personalities, everyone shown with the artist’s gloomy and sometimes comic vision and style.

William Klein: Paris + Klein
Date: July 9th – September 28th, 2003
Place: Spazio Oberdan
Address: 2 Viale Vittorio Veneto, Milan 20124
Tel: +39 (0)2 4953 2190

Text: Simone Biffi

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