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PEOPLEText: Jeremy Tai

So your going to Japan?

O: Finally, yes…

Any thoughts on that? Have you wanted to go to Japan before?

O: Yeah, definitely.


O: Strange fascination…

S: Oh yeah, I think it will blast your brain…when you first come back I think you’ll understand some dextro stuff.

O: I just like to eat sushi and miso soup…and bullet trains.

How did you get signed-up on Mego?

O: By accident.

S: By accident, more or less… We just went to this club called U4 where everything happens, it was one good club. And we went there and saw guys making cool sounds, and then afterwards we went there and asked them, “Hey what are you doing here?” “We’re using Macintosh computers…”

The name of the place was…

S: U4 like a subway line which is there. It’s quite a famous place in Vienna.

Where do your sounds come from?

O: Everywhere… recordings.

S: We also did sounds with images…


S: Binary data, get…

O.K… binary data and send it through.

S: Maybe this is a nice example of how, or what you can define, or the basic as Farmers Manual. The total intersection and overlapping of everything.

Everything that can be digitized…?

S: Not just digitized but also analog stuff but maybe focused on digital stuff.

It seems that its influenced by your design… is it?

S: Is the music influenced by the design?

Design influenced by music?

S: It just happens together… they make sound and I make graphics…

O: Design is influenced; influenced by anything… everything.

Farmers Manual will be playing in Tokyo, Japan on January 14th, 1999 at the NTT ICC.

Text: Jeremy Tai

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