PLACEText: Anthony Augendre

The only place where you can listen to the last Londoner drum’n bass, garage, ambient tunes into an hybrid surrounding, is the What’s Up Bar, called the WUB by the regular visitors. The Wub is neither a nightclub nor a bar but you feel that the atmosphere is club orientated. People can dance between the table (or sometimes on the table if they are drunk).

Every night a DJ plays his own style music standing very close to the customers. Laurent Garnier, Dimitri from Paris, Daft Punk, all played at the wub, whenever nobody knows them. The wub is also a free magazine, a record compagny, a restaurant and in a very close future a website magazine which will offer an online radio stream directly broadcasted from the bar.

What’s Up Bar
Address: 15 rue Davall, 75011 Paris
Tel: +33 (0)1 4805 8833

Text: Anthony Augendre

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